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Mission Statement

     The mission of Sierra Foothills Residential Care is to provide quality group living for adults with developmental disabilities. We strive for excellence through open communication, integrity, respect, teamwork, and understanding. To enhance the quality of life for our residents, we also make educational and recreational opportunities, as well as community resources available to them.


  • Assist and instruct residents in attaining their highest level of independence
  • Maintain/improve current levels of independence and health
  • Enhance life and social skills
  • Assist residents in moving towards a less restrictive residential environment
  • Support those who prefer to reside in a group home
  • Seek community integration for residents whenever possible
  • SFRC Past, Present & Future

          Sierra Foothills Residential Care was founded and incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1981 by a group of parents, friends and relatives of adults with developmental disabilities. With the closing of many state institutions at that time, the goal was to establish a stable, safe and caring home, one in which their loved ones could feel secure, loved and be encouraged to grow to their full potential.

         Initially, two houses were rented for residents: one on Woodham-Carne Road in Sonora and the other on Circle Drive in Jamestown. When the former house was sold in 1984, SFRC purchased the present house on Bay Meadow Drive in Sonora and moved all its residents there.

         Today, SFRC has grown from a group home to a flexible living community, which fosters independence, choices, self worth, and complete integration for all residents. Residence council meetings are held weekly to discuss rights, work ethics, menu items, schedules, activities and opportunities to learn about communicating one's needs, wants and ideas.

         We are growing and designing a new paradigm for safe, supported independence. Inside the parameter of care/nurturing, education/work, and guidance/relationship, we are creating a flexible living community campus. Our step-by-step curriculum is designed to maintain and promote a process to attain independent living with a sustainable structure for continuing independent success. Individual attributes, skills, gifts/abilities will be included into a living curriculum so that the individual can thrive in the present and attain their personal goals in the future. Thus, our primary focus is to develop and promote sustainable independence and integration of the developmentally disabled into our community in a healthy and safe manner.