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Governing Agencies and Legal Mandates

   SFRC is currently licensed by the State of California and is regulated by the Department of Social Services (DSS) and Community Care Licensing (CCL). These licensing agencies investigate and ensure that each residential care facility is in compliance with Title 22 regulations.

   The Department of Developmental Services contracts with Valley Mountain Regional Center (VMRC), which requires SFRC to meet stringent Title 17 guidelines. These regulations are set to establish the rights of each resident or client/consumer.

   Levels of care are determined by the DSS as identified in Title 17, including what constitutes different levels of care for clients, how many staffing hours are needed for each, and how many consultant hours are required.

Each care facility is responsible for:

  1. Twenty-four hour care and supervision to meet clients' needs
  2. All basic services as defined in the regulations
  3. Three balanced meals a day, plus snacks
  4. Assistance with daily living skills and medications
  5. Transportation to medical and dental appointments
  6. Laundry services
  7. Planned activities
  8. Safeguarding and handling client money per regulations

The residential home environment must have:

  1. Clean, safe, sanitary conditions and in good repair at all times
  2. Isolation room or area for ill clients
  3. Lights or lamps in all rooms and areas for health and safety
  4. One toilet and one sink for every 5 residents
  5. One bathtub or shower for every ten residents
  6. Individual beds for each client with mattress and box spring
  7. Chest of drawers or minimum of two drawers, nightstand and chair for each client
  8. Linen, towels and washcloths for each client
  9. Room temperatures must be between 68 and 85 degrees
  10. 5 days supply of perishable food and ingredients for 7 days of planned menu at all times