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SFRC Advisory Board

The 5-seat SFRC advisory board of directors consists of a diverse group of caregivers and local community leaders. This steering committee takes a proactive look at innovative ways to continue the high level of care
for the residents, oversees the maintenance of the structure and grounds, secures sources of additional revenues for facility improvements, and assures that modifications are made.

Wanda Moore - Treasurer, Term from April 1, 2017
Juanita Orsetti - Secretary, Term from January 13. 2014
Star Nelson - Board Member, Term from April 1, 2017
Paul Kezis - Board Member, Term from February 2020


SFRC staff meets regularly to discuss ongoing training, new mandates, house issues, and other topics for strategic planning. Staff members demonstrate a high level of commitment and dedication with records of long standing commitment of continuous SFRC service. This continuity of care and low staff turn-over help to create the supportive environment here every client needs.

Diana Moreci
DSP Since 2013
House Manager Since 2015
Administrator Since 2017

Diana brings a wide variety of experiences to SFRC from graphic design to owning and running her own business. With over 35 years working in different industries, it makes for a well rounded look into operations for continued long term success for our clients and their families!

Kathreine Belfield
House Manager 2017
DSP Since 2015

Sherrie Hislop
Since 2016

Rick Moore
DSP Staff Since 2016

Melanie Schoell
Since 2016

Terry DeCosta
on call staff

Roxanne Mughal
Support Staff Since 2019

Sandra Rodgers
DSP Since 2019

Cynthia Kennedy
DSP NOC Shift Since 2020

Staff Training

All staff are trained in Direct Support Provider (DSP) within 1 year of employment. CPR & First Aid training renewed every two years. Cleared by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI fingerprints. 12 units of Continuing Education Units (CEU) annually.