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Sampling of SFRC Resident Disabilities
Following are among the multiple disabilities served at SFRC:

  1. ADHD / OCD
  2. Autism
  3. Down Syndrome
  4. Catheters / Diabetics
  5. Impulse Control Disorders
  6. Licensing for restricted health care, such as urinary catheters
  7. And other psychological and physical disabilities
  8. Plus...SFRC offers private pay respite care/rooms for emergency situations,
    transition periods, and short-term relief for parents or caregivers.

Staff Training

    SFRC staff supervises the residents 24/7 and receive training in medication management, ADL training, aging, chronic health conditions, Down Syndrome specialized care, and more.

    Staff training is also provided in areas of special incident reporting (SIR); client rights; and antecedent, behavior and consequence (ABC) tracking. Other courses include nutrition; basics of food, safety and sanitation; handling seizure disorders; diabetes care; personal and incidental (P & I) monies management; behavior training; documentation (workshops); introduction to positive behavioral interventions; advanced behavioral interventions; psychotropic medications; and infectious diseases.

    A minimum of 40 hours of continuing education units (CEUs) is required every 2 years for administratorsand 12 hours CEU for staff every year. CPR and First Aid must be upgraded yearly and must be taught at the onset of new staff employment. Fingerprint and tuberculosis tests must be completed before hiring and 40 hours of training are administered to new staff members within the first ten days of employment.

    In turn, residents are taught adaptive behaviors, daily living skills, money management, socialization techniques, and more. These empower each resident to attain as much independence as possible.

Recreational Activities and Group Outings

     Residents participate in weekly council meetings that determine the group's social gatherings, planned activities, and recommend program improvements. All residents have choices for cultivating life and social skills, which will facilitate their transition to independent living within the community. SFRC provides ongoing links to staff and services to support this program. The facility is equipped with a van for transportation to and from recreational activities, as well as medical, dental and optical appointments.

Some of the Activities included:
* indicates over night trip

  • Kids on the Rocks
  • Roller Skating
  • Hiking
  • Bowling
  • Mini Golf
  • Movies
  • Disneyland *
  • Cruises *
  • The Ark Encounter *
  • Universal Studios *
  • Shopping
  • Special Olympics
  • Hikes
  • Zoo